All children have the potential to be a leader and a little support can help to navigate their interests. Slum children of Kalyanpur live with various difficulties but they have a dynamic minds and experience to see the real world closely. They quickly understand problems and living around so many people help them understand how to engage the community effectively. So, to resolve conflict or issues inside the community, ActionAid formed four (04) child forums with around a total of 100 children in LRP49 Mirpur. Representative of them recently received three (03) days of training on child leadership and cultural movement where 26 children and 4 community staff participated. Their diversified content allowed them to learn leadership through cultural practice. For example, they learned and prepared a dance that conveys a social message. They were taught how to give a powerful speech as leaders with proper body language, linguistic choice, and proper message. Everyone’s speech was recorded, displayed, and rewarded. Along that, two (02) dramas were prepared by them on child labor and child marriage and through displaying these dramas they came to know how cultural activity a tool of a social movement can change society positively through the leadership of children. They made an action plan for the upcoming six (06) months in which celebration of girl’s child day will be their first project.

Mitu (16), who came first in speech making and presentation said, “I knew who leaders are but how a leader can contribute to community development was new to me. I felt amazed to know how a leader should think, what should be their strategy to work for people. To know thyself and keep confidence is the most significant thing I realize a leader should have. I had lack in self-confident that I wish to be overcome by this learning.” Mitu got a book as gift that she thinks will help more to build her knowledge.

Sneha (13) said, “It is a different kind of training I have ever received in my life. A leader should be someone uninfluenced, but the leader will be exemplary. I like acting and often I perform in cultural program, but my acting could be help for humanity if I can disseminate right message to people.