ActionAid Bangladesh has taken initiatives to make lives better by introducing business development. To equip women and adolescent Rohingya girls who are interested to be a successful entrepreneur in the community. ActionAid has provided clear guidelines, direction and basic concept for feasible businesses. ActionAid Bangladesh also stands beside Acid survivors, where a network named “Setu Bandhan Gori” was built where a number of the member has been assisted on the Bangla power loom’s product business. 

ActionAid International Bangladesh (AAIB) started working with the climate resilient handloom model to promote an alternative to existing practices in the handloom sector in Bangladesh. This model is an example of an adaptation and mitigation practice against climate change. Since the weavers have a little knowledge about higher productivity of hand loom and their benefits as well as they do not have good market access, ActionAid  has been working with a handloom factory at Sirajgong involving nineteen poor families. Another step taken by ActionAid is Kendrio Krishok Moitree, where organizational and technical support to the village level organizations including management, leadership practice and communication is given.


  • By motivating women and girls for a specific and comprehensive business in a group 
  • Developing existing skills
  • By Producing qualitative products as per the demand of the market 
  • Building relationships with markets for business growth
  • Creating employment opportunities through the power loom factory
  • Strengthening the activities of the Setu Bandhan Gori Network in Sirajganj area