The “Annual Report 2017” highlights all the major events and achievements of ActionAid Bangladesh across all fronts in the calendar year of 2017. The year was a crucial year in relevance to the humanitarian crisis as it witnessed natural disasters such as flash floods and landslides, one after another. These coupled with the largest refugee influx, the Rohingya crisis, made the year an extremely challenging one from a humanitarian perspective.ActionAid Bangladesh’s endeavors throughout 2017 are summarized in the annual report 2017. The report consists of the Humanitarian responses provided by the organization. It also includes the empowerment campaigns ran by the organization in the bid for “Women and Young leadership”, “Advancing the rights of women” and “promoting sustainable agriculture”, among others. The policy advocacy done by ActionAid Bangladesh and the innovations performed are also highlighted. Media outreach can be found in a detailed infographic. Lastly, the finance and audit report are provided for transparency and accountability of ActionAid Bangladesh’s expenditure throughout the year, 2017.