The Annual Report is but a glimpse into the life of ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB). While it is not possible to do justice to the entire gamut of our activities in one report, we invite the reader to a brief tour of our world through these pages. Here you will find highlights of AAB engagements with women, adolescent girls, young people, marginalised communities and grassroots organizations.

In the Annual Report you will find interesting facts and figures about our humanitarian work, including the Rohingya refugee response and other emergency situations. You will also read some captivating stories of transformation and see some visuals of how we and our partners fight, lead and celebrate. In addition, the annual report also captures some of key achievements from the signature campaigns, such as, Tax Power Campaign, Advocacy for Water Justice and Peoples’ Budget Assembly.

2018 was also the year, which experienced changes in the lives of women and girls driven by the ethos of challenging traditional gender norms. In other words, most of the initiatives this year went beyond the normal boundary of activism and tried to address the strategic choice of women and girls. The annual report has been structured around the theme “Women and Girls Beyond the Fringe”.