Violence against women and girl is a severe human rights abuse that continues to take place on a daily base all over the word, also in Bangladesh.

With interactive theatre performances in different parts of Dhaka, youth happenings, discussion fora, media training and a robust social media presence using #SafeCities, #SafeCitiesBecause and #16DaysofActivism, we call on ending violence against women during this year’s 16 Days of Activism campaign.

In Dhaka the public activities will take place on 26 November in the Banani Club Field (Road 18, Block B) from 11 am to 1 pm. The transgender theatre group Shomorker Noya Shetu and the youth mobilizing group Activista will lead the events. On local level discussion fora on violence against women and child marriage takes place in eight districts in Bangladesh.

Prior to the public activities we are pioneering a media training focusing on creating awareness among 30 key journalists reporting on violence against women.

Too many cases of violence against women never reach the media. In addition, the reporting style of the cases that do hit the media are often sensational and revealing the identity of the victims and their families causing lifelong stigma. The aim of the workshop is to encourage accurate re, non-sensational and sensitive reporting on violence against women. It will take place on 25th – 26th and is arranged in collaboration with the Press Institute of Bangladesh, PIB. Channel 71 will on 24th November (tentative) air a Policy Dialogue about raising awareness on gender responsive services and anti-sexual policies.

Orange the World: End Violence against Women and Girls is the global theme for 16 days of Activism campaign 25th November to 11. November 2015. The colour orange symbolise a brighter future without violence. With that in mind ActionAid Bangladesh will address violation of women in both the public and private sphere.