ActionAid International Bangladesh has entered its fifth strategy period from 2018 to 2022. After successfully ensuring key achievements from the last CSP, AAIB believes the new goals will strengthen the aspiration and confidence of the organisation to work for rights, justice and challenge discrimination of all forms which it has gained over more than three decades through playing pioneering role of advocacy on rights and social justice.

AAB has committed to applying a feminist lens and values in its work, which will guide its approach, interpreting and advancing intersecting inequalities. It addresses injustice and inequality caused by the power structures, both visible and invisible, in communities. To generate a broad community-wide understanding of the issue, AAIB will address the structural causes of injustice in terms of distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges. Affirmative approaches are required at all levels to reconcile inequalities, and address the structural causes of inequality arising from unequal power relations.

Amongst the key achievements from the last CSP period are the support provided to the Women Leadership in Emergencies, Democratic Budget Movement, promotion of Climate Resilient Sustainable Agriculture (CRSA), and Food Rights movements, Global networking for Disaster Risk Reduction, advocacy on Gender responsive public services, Safe Cities Campaign, and Anti-Child Marriage, establishing the Water Museum, first of its kind in Bangladesh probably in Asia, campaign for Rights of the River and  Water Democracy,  increase engagement with “new development actors” focused on young people, and influenced legislative development and revisions nationally.