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Happy International Women’s Day from far and away!

Every time I met a person, she or he greeted me with utmost enthusiasm. It was a great experience for me to capture them and their greetings in whatever instrument I had with me at that time. Lucky me, that I caught those moments in my camcorder!

These memories are precious to me. I will reminisce about these days when I am old. I have learned, during such travels and hangouts in the rural communities, that life is simple and it’s beautiful. A girl of standard IX taught me that

I can live with a dream even knowing it doesn’t have a mere chance to be fulfilled… but the key is to have a gleaming eyes.

I am sure that dream has kept her soul spirited!

In rural, people have time and zeal to stop by for you and say ‘Hello’. The communities are different from you and us, and so is the language. But these were no barriers to welcome me in the group or to have a long and sweet conversation between us.

You will also not find it hard to understand the greetings that our rural community people conveyed you on this International Women’s Day (IWD). This is sweet, it makes me appealed each time I heard the voices…