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Socio-economic Development of Antyaj Community (SEDAC)

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Project Period

01 February 2009 - 31 December 2018

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Schematic Area

Education: Children’s performance and potentiality enhanced in a way that increasing children’s participation in school based decision making mechanism and promoting as active citizenship.
Heath: Local government and service providing institution became more accountable and responsive to the needs of Antaj community that enhanced access of Antaj poeple to service institution. (edu, health, agri)
Food Security: By 2017, 150,000 people living in poverty and exclusion especially women & small holder farmers have improved food security as a result of sustainable livelihoods.


Reflection Action Circle and Lok Kendra have become aware of the rights along with the rights of women and have been demanding various demands. For example, they can give opinion in the family, 23 child marriages have been stopped, 61 have disposed of fam

The Central Assembly and the Women's Union Council have adopted and implemented various decisions for their rights.

Reflection Action Circle and Lok Kendra have been vocal against domestic violence, women empowerment and various types of discrimination, and have played a role in resolving family disputes.

With respect to various issue-based discussions of 20 meetings, members have been aware of issues related to women's rights, human rights, racial discrimination, family abuse etc.

The concept of project members' on rights and human rights issues have increased, they have become aware of their rights. They can now participate in the family decision-making process, participate in various shalish judgments and decide on fair share fro

97 people have been included in the management committee of different organizations.