At a Glance

Category Details
Name Of The Initiative ChanPara Clinic
Blocks Reached ChanPara
Allied Organisation Community based healthcare department of the Bangladesh government
Districts Reached Dhaka
Working together since 2014
Vulnerable Groups Reached General people, especially women and adolescent girls.
Division Dhaka
Focus Areas Of Intervention: General health care, specifically prenatal and postnatal care, and infant mortality rate.
Villages Reached Rupganj

This is a primary health care clinic in association with the community based healthcare department of the Bangladesh government. The aim of the clinic in its initial pilot phase is to give primary care for general and reproductive health care at ChanPara relocation area, in Rupganj of Narayonganj. The clinic has already provided basic healthcare services to 60,000 people of the aforementioned area. It has also served as a role model in providing pre natal and post natal services and reducing infant mortality rates of surrounding areas. The clinic has been quite successful in reaching its goals between 2016 to 2018 and strives to be the best clinic in the area.