Name of the Organization:


LRP Title:

Empoering women and adolescent for social change (EWASC) (LRP- 41) & Advance Program for Improved Lifestyle of the Urban Poor (APILUP) (LRP- 48)

LRP #:

41 & 48

Number of Sponsor Children







Project Period

2011 - 2021 & 2012 - 2025

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Schematic Area

Education: Quality education has promoted considering PRS in govt. primary school that enhanced inclusiveness and children’s performance & potentiality.
Heath: Women and youth with improved livelihood challenge gender based injustice and exercise control over their bodies and income.
Food Security: Before the project, women were not part of the decision-making process; even they did not make decisions regarding their reproductive health and hygiene issue. Women Rights’ was an ignored issue in this community. After the project, now community knowledg


Child education rate was increased after this project has started. Children started to participate in different creative & cultural institutions and their creative activities get recognition through award.

Women get access to participate in society more, as women and girls now challenge gender based injustice leading to an improvement in their well-being.

This project has developed children’s group who inform about the information especially early marriage.