The two-day long child journalism training was organized at Thanchi from 12th to 13th September 2021 with 20 child journalism team members, three field facilitators, and 3 projects staff of LRP 34. Where a journalist from Channel 71 facilitated the training. It was a very instructive and lively training for children where children in remote areas learned details about child journalism, photojournalism, and how to collect news.

The Child Journalism Group member Singh Chou Wang Marma said, "I love to take pictures. The Journalism Training When I learn that being able to take good pictures is also a part of journalism. I like it very much then, I also learned from training how to take pictures with a camera. And I learned a lot about the rules of photography. Which I like very much."

May Hla Pru Marma also said, "I have benefited a lot from participating in this training on child journalism. From this training, I have been able to gain a clear idea about news, journalism, and the responsibility of a journalist. I have also learned the details of what a journalist should and should not do. After returning from this training, I will tell other friends in my area about this. I believe that knowing this will help me a lot in my studies. Also, every year we bring out a newspaper in our area. This knowledge will enrich us a lot when we work on it.”

Purnima Rani Das added, “Last year I participated in the training on children's journalism, but this time I learned a lot more. Such as the difference between news and features. How to write news and features. It has been very helpful for me to know these things. I want more such training to be organized for us every year. Many thanks to ActionAid Bangladesh for organizing such good training for us. Our school was closed for a long time, so we stayed at home. But now that the school is open, we have learned more through this training. It is a great pleasure for us. These two days we have learned a lot with enjoying.”