In 2021, the children's rights week of Bangladesh has been announced by Government from October 4-10, 2021. This year's theme is 'Invest for Children, Build Prosperous World (Shishur Jonno Biniyog Kori, Somriddho Bishwo Gori)'

Child rights week (CRW) 2021 has been inaugurated with a rally participating by community people including children at Galachipa on 26th October 2012. ActionAid is working in Char Kajal and Char Biswas Union of this Upazila and the CRW program will be continued separately in these two areas. Different kinds of activities have been taken in which competitions on drawing, dancing, essay writing, and solo acting have been completed from 1st to 3rd October 2021. Appreciation for winner program will be conducted on 9th October, in phase-out sponsorship program at the community level.

This year the issue of climate change has been getting priority to discuss with child rights issue because children are being exposed to climate and environmental hazards, and stresses. Discussion sessions were conducted with the community people where they all agreed to reduce the use of plastic, expand tree plantation program, and increase advocacy with government bodies to work combinedly for the community-level initiative. A total of 224 people attended these discussions, and around 150 children participated in competitions.

Children’s essay has brought out their impression of the effect of climate change on their community. They have pointed out less crop and fish cultivation and deforestation of Sundarban is the effect of climate change.

Sila (16), the participant of drawing competition says, “Child rights week always brings joys for us. We organize, decorate, and participate in the event. It’s a kind of get-together event for community children. This year, the program is special for us after the covid-19 effect. I hope for the next year that the event will be more enjoyable.”


Jafrin (12), the child who participated solo acting and dancing competition shared, “I learned acting and dancing from my childhood club. Since the day I attend the club, I always perform in all kinds of child-focused events. Child Rights Week is a big event. We wait for this event to share happiness with one another. We exhibit our talent and get appreciation and encouragement.”