On Friday, March 15, 2019, in more than 100 countries , students participated in marches protesting inaction on climate change. Expressing solidarity with this global movement, more than 1000 students including children & young people participated in the youth-led demonstrations in Bangladesh as well.

150 students of Harbinger School from in Dhaka, 100 students from Nirala Adarsha High school in Khulna and 70 students from Munshigonj Dakkhinpara Govt. primary school in Shatkhira have participated at the Climate Strike on 14 March with their handmade placards & Banaar. 60 students from Laudove Banishanta Govt. primary school and Laudove Banishanta High School attended School strike for climate in Khulna district on 15th march 2019.

Around 500 children of Barishal city gathered at their respective schools for “Barisal Climate Strike” on Friday, March 10, 2019 demanding a safe future and protection against climate change.