Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in Bangladesh is a women centered initiative that helps communities in Bangladesh adapt to climate change by addressing extreme weather conditions such as cyclones and flooding, as well as the consequence of increased salinity conditions in agriculture in Bangladesh.

The initiative is implemented by ActionAid Bangladesh and brings together groups of women who lead vulnerability assessments of climate risks and then identify action

plans. These plans are later implemented by the same groups of women brought together by the initiative.

ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) focuses on building women leadership especially through empowering them with knowledge and skills to lead advocacy-campaigns and bring positive changes individually and collectively.

AAB facilitated 26 community consultations in 4 coastal districts highly vulnerable to multiple hazards. The consultations focused on 4 priority actions for DRR to be operationalised from 2016 to 2030. These are:

1- Understand disaster risk

2- Strengthen governance and institutions to manage disaster risk

3- Invest in socio-economic, cultural & environmental resilience

4- Enhance preparedness for effective response, and building

back better in recovery and reconstruction.