… purpose, which was only their personal gain and nothing further. Youth were intentionally overlooked for long and it became a practice to accept the societal structure as it was. But being in the same system few youngsters were exceptions and broke the cycle as they decided not to be disregarded for their dreams anymore. Not only did they start a new trend followed by many others, they brought in immense development. Yes! It was the golden Era of Youth revolution and I was so thrilled to have witnessed it.

It started with most crucial reforms in the youth policy triggered by those extraordinary youths for securing places for youth representative in every tier of the state level to uphold youth rights. The struggle went viral from school to university, to streets and then to other nations. Students starting to gear up the heat for passing the amendment and influential actors were threatened to the core. They tried their best to stop it by every possible means but it was too late to prevent the youth waves. A youth tsunami that others could not stand!

Finally the policy was reformed. Credits to our youths! Since then every institution started to make places for youth as one of the governing body members to make resolution about the best interest of the organisation. It was not easy to come this far but in the meantime youth proved to the world that being young is not a limitation but strength and the world needs to appreciate the gift of youth.

In 2012, I was planning to blog aiming the International Youth Day. I had this plan to share with you about “What I would, as Activista, like to see for my children in 2030”. After 18 years I am just speechless to find my dream to be the reality! Young faces have changed the world so positively and vibrantly! So far I could take hold of youth as a blessing and invincible ability to achieve anything and everything.

Now it is time for me to move on and along with you I need to see another dream for my grandchildren for International Youth Day in 2050.

With love,

A ‘youth’ in 2012