Published Date: Feb 08, 2021


Production of Annual Report (Designing and Printing)   


Position:                                     Consultancy (Company)

Duration of Assignment:            01 March 2021 to 30 June 2021

Location:                                    Dhaka, Bangladesh

Reports to:                                 Zinat Ara Afroze, Communications
                                                  Asha Alamgir, Communication


ActionAid (AA) is a global justice Federation working with over 15 million people in 45 countries to achieve social justice, gender equality and poverty eradication. Around the world, AA works to strengthen the capacity and active agency of people living in poverty and exclusion, especially women and young people, to assert their rights. We work directly with communities, with people’s organisations, women’s movements, groups and networks, social movements and other allies to overcome the structural causes and consequences of poverty and injustice. We connect our rootedness in engaging with the most vulnerable communities with broader efforts and struggles for justice at all level to make the greatest contribution towards a just, equitable and sustainable world.

AA supports women, men, and young people to hold governments and corporates accountable, fight for justice, end all forms of discrimination and engage in meaningful decision-making processes that affect their lives. AA is also helping communities to monitor the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their local contexts. The SDGs, adopted unanimously by all 192 countries around the world, present an opportunity to link strong grounded and rooted evidence with global processes to ensure the voices of the most vulnerable are not left behind.

Objective of the task

The aim of the Annual Report is to capture the learnings and successes of ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) as well as a documentation of its program and project activity, outcome, achievements and learnings. The outcome of this consultancy will be a report, with design, editing and printing of the copies. This annual report will be a knowledge product for the AAB. The information in the annual report will be useful for showcasing at different programmes, communicating with potential donors, and other stakeholders and interest groups. The report will be in English.  

Scope of the services for annual report

The consultancy company will design and develop an annual report with specific responsibilities which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Act as the design and publication (printing) lead for AAB’s Annual Report 2020.
  • Review AAB’s previous annual reports.
  • Develop and share the outline capturing the objectives of the report.
  • Perform the task by following the organisation’s branding guidelines and communication strategy.
  • Perform develop and share a complete plan of the task and present all the logical ground of their plan and design.
  • Follow the timeline.
  • Incorporate all the feedbacks of AAB before finalising the report.

Product Specification

  • Size: 8.5”X8.5”
  • Number of pages: 112 (56 leaves)
  • Multi Colour
  • Matt, spot (if required) and die cutting lemination for cover and inner pages
  • Papar: Front and Back Cover 300gsm art card
  • Inner: 120/150gsm art paper
  • Number of printed copies 300pcs

Responsibilities of the signing parties

1. ActionAid Bangladesh: 

  • Sharing the vision and expectations concerning requested products.  
  • Provide content for developing the annual report and regular feedback concerning the outline, print, design etc.
  • Provide support in formulating the narratives in alignment with AAB agenda.
  • Provide timely feedback on the draft outline and help to finalise the publication as per AAB’s Printing and Publication Committee (PPC) guidelines.
  • Provide any additional support as required.


2. Consultancy Company: 

  • ­­AAB annual report designing (including infographs) and printing
  • The consultancy company will direct, oversee, coordinate the entire process of outlining, designing, copy editing and finally printing the annual report.
  • Will share the machine proof version.
  • Provide the printed version of the report.
  • Provide draft design in PDF format and provide the AI file of final version including all images.
  • The consultancy will work as a team member with AAB for this project and will attend annual report related meetings as when required.

The consultancy company will be responsible for the delivery of the final report to the AAB management by 15 May 2021.

Action plan and timeline





Submission of 1st draft by consultancy company

February to June


Inputs and feedbacks from AAB


Submission of 2nd draft by the consultancy company


Inputs and feedbacks from AAB


Submission of 3rd draft by the consultancy company


Inputs and feedbacks from AAB


Submission of 4th draft by the consultancy company


Inputs and feedbacks from AAB


Submission of 5th draft by the consultancy company


Review and final check by AAB


Consultancy company will submit final report (soft and print versions)

**This is the tentative plan.

Requirements for submitting the proposal

The proposal will be assessed on basis of a comprehensive scores on Technical and Fnancial proposals

The Technical proposal should include-

  • Brief on relavent experiences
  • Company profile with list of relavent experts
  • Relavent work sample
  • Draft design layout (proposed)
  • A Gantt chart of deliverables (proposed)


The Financial proposal should include-

  • Price quotation for desiging and publication of the annual report.


Technical proposal: 70%
Financial proposal: 30%

Deadline for submitting the proposal

25 February 2021

Consultant’s qualifications

 1. Functional Competencies

  • The consultant should have educational background on graphic desining (professional course on graphic desiging)/ multimedia/ social science/ fine arts
  • The consultant should have the experience on desktop publishing.
  • At least 3 years of professional experience on desiging developing annual report and publications.
  • Experienced on printing and publications.
  • Must have good understanding and in-depth knowledge of AAB’s Programs and activities.
  • Ability to rapidly conceptualize new ideas, and express complex information in a simplified accessible way for nontechnical audiences.


2. Behavioural Competencies

  • Ability to be flexible and respond to changes as part of the review and feedback process;
  • Strong interpersonal skills, able to communicate and work with diverse people;
  • Participate effectively in team-based, information-sharing environment, collaborating and cooperating effectively with others;
  • High ethical standards and commitment to the values of mutual respect, transparency, equity and justice, solidarity and humility;
  • Focus and result oriented;

3. ActionAid Bangladesh Code of Conduct

The consultant will follow ActionAid Bangladesh’s Code of Conducts which are given below.

  • Consultant must adhere to a) Child Protection Policy, b) Anti Sexual Harassment policy, c) Prevention of Sexual Exploitation & Abuse (PSEA) Policy and d) Sponsorship policies and procedures of AAB.
  • If any amount of consultant’s expenditure disallowed by internal auditor/ representative of AAB or external auditor for misappropriation of project fund, fraud or any other irregularity, PO should be bound to refund the amount to AAB from PO’s general fund as and when arise.
  • The consultant must adhere to the Money Laundering Prevention Act-2012 and Anti-Terrorism Act-2009 (amended as on 2012 & 2013) of Bangladesh Govt.

Contract Period

This contract will be effective for a period of 122 days starting from 01 March 2021 and ending at 30 June 2021.


VAT and Tax will be deducted from source as per rules and regulations of GoB unless the vendor produced evidence of the TIN. If the vendor provides evidence then, the entity will be responsible for making the payments associated with Tax to the Government of Bangladesh and provide the copy of the receipt to AAB.

AAB will pay the amount in favour of the vendor through Bank transfer or A/C Payee Cheques. Payment will be made  only after the successful delivery of the deliverables mentioned in section “J”. No advance will be payed in this regard.


  1. Proof reading of the final word file of the annual report.
  2. Machine proof version of the annual report before final printing.
  3. Printed version of Annual Report 2020 of ActionAid Bangladesh.
  4. Final design file of the report (AI & PDF).

Reporting to

Zinat Ara Afroze

Asha Alamgir

E-mail Subject

Proposal for Annual Report

Expiry of agreement and negotiable flexibility:

There will be an agreement between AAB and the consultancy firm for the mentioned period. The Agreement will be invalidated after expiry of duration unless further extension is made by AAB. AAB also reserves the rights to amend or change or cancel the agreement at any stage.

In the event of a major natural disaster, war or major civil or political unrest this agreement may be renegotiated and jointly revised between the two parties recognizing any consequent changes in the environment for implementation.

Reserve the rights

AAB reserves the right to reject any proposal or cancel the proposed activity without showing reasons.

Confidentiality Action Plan

The output produced by this assignment will be treated as AAB and consequently confidential. So, the above-mentioned output or any part of it can’t be sold, used or reproduced in any manner by the assigned organization / individual without prior permission from AAB.