Education Board has been published the SSC exam result on 30th December 2021 officially. It is breaking news for those students who are looking for the Result of the Secondary School Certificate Exam. Here you can find our Sponsored child update result of SSC Exam 2021. 

Across the country, children have been studying at home as schools have been closed for more than a year and a half due to coronavirus pandemic. The SSC exams were postponed due to the school being closed for this long time. However, our sponsored children, 116 children participated in the SSC exams this year 2021, out of which 40 were boys and 76 were girls. Out of 116 children, 114 children passed the SSC exam and 2 children failed. We look forward to a successful future for all children.

One of the sponsored children of ActionAid Bangladesh, this year's SSC candidate Shimli (16) says, “I got GPA-4.05 by the grace of Almighty. But I think my results would have been better had it not been for the Coronavirus pandemic situation. My parents and the facilitator of my child space helped me a lot to get good results. The facilitator of my child space always inquired about my studies and asked me to give time to study in the lockdown situation. My parents never hesitated to pay for my education even though my father was an agricultural day laborer. 

So, I am grateful to the facilitator of the Child Space run by ActionAid Bangladesh and to my family. I want to study and become a computer engineer; I want to fulfill my parents' dream. And for this, I will try from now on so that I can get GPA-5 in HSC. I think if you want to get good results, you must pay close attention to your studies. Everyone, please pray for me so that I can fulfill my dream.”