78% of Bangladesh’s export earning comes from garment and textile industry. At present, there are 4,560 garment factories with a number of small-scale factories operating across the country. Although, the garment industry in Bangladesh contributes significantly to the economy, it raises a number of environmental concerns. All aspects of the industry pollute the air, water and soil.

2019 marks 6 years since the Rana Plaza tragedy happened, where more than 1100 workers died and approximately 2500 workers were severely injured. This incident changed the way we produce and consume fashion. Fashion Revolution and ActionAid Bangladesh, in partnership with Arannya Crafts, CSD-ULab and Monokrome, has taken an initiative to facilitate a dialogue surrounding sustainable production and consumption.

The main objective of the seminar is to highlight the issues surrounding the global fashion industry. Fashion Revolution is a movement that unites all stakeholders in the fashion industry to come forward and contribute to change. This seminar will talk about challenges past, present and future, of the garment and fashion industry in Bangladesh.