🌍 Mobilizing children for climate action in Bangladesh is an integral part of the global climate campaign - Mobilizing One Billion Raising. This initiative holds immense significance as their active involvement and contributions are crucial for raising awareness, advocating for change, and driving action towards a sustainable and just future.

📅 In May 2023, a training session was conducted for partner organizations, including all LRPs staff, to effectively engage children in climate justice activities. During this session, an action plan was developed to ensure the meaningful participation of children.

🤝 ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) will support this campaign by raising awareness among children and communities about climate change and its impacts. Educational activities will be organized, including discussions, workshops, capacity building on climate change for teachers, special sessions at schools for students, participation in debates, drawing and essay competitions, and exposure visits. Additionally, children will contribute to community awareness through cultural movements, campaigns, public hearings, and human chains.

🗣 Md. Kamrul Hasan, Sponsorship Officer, LRP-43, Biswambarpur, shared his thoughts after the training session: "Educating children about climate change is crucial. They should be aware of natural disasters like flash floods, cyclones, thunderstorms, sea level rise, and more. Learning about the sustainable use of natural resources is vital for environmental protection. By mobilizing children for climate action in Bangladesh and connecting them with the global climate campaign, we can empower young voices, create a sense of urgency, and contribute to meaningful change in combating climate change."

💪 Consequently, this training equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide appropriate supervision, guidance, and support to children involved in climate action activities at the community level. Together, we can make a difference in tackling the challenges posed by climate change. Let's join forces and work towards a better future for all.