The objective of the child journalism training is to provide children (trainee journalists) with the concepts and the information that will help them to develop responsible news reporting skills that appreciate and respect children's rights.

On completing this training, adolescent children will be able to understand children’s rights, particularly in the context of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, also they will be able to critically evaluate news reporting of issues affecting children from a human right or “rights-based” perspective. Besides children will become aware of the guidelines and codes of practice for news reporting on matters relating to children and be able to make professional judgments about their own practice from a rights-based perspective. Most of all children should be able to apply what they learn in their future careers as journalists and news reporters and be able to report fairly, accurately, and in keeping with the principles of children’s rights.

In continuation of this, a 3-days long training on child journalism was held from 15th to 17th October in which about 30 child journalists participated, all of them growing up in remote hilly areas. They dream of growing up to be a founding journalist. But due to growing up in remote areas, these children have absolutely no opportunity to get ideas about child journalism

But ActionAid Bangladesh has formed regular child journalist teams to meet the wishes of these children and to develop them to their full potential and is providing them with various skill development training. In continuation of that, a 3-day long training on child journalism was held from 15 to 17 October and this training was conducted by a reputed journalist Mr. G.M. Shirajul Hossain, and also a Senior Executive of Broadcast Operations & Engineering of 71 Television.

"I have participated in three days of child journalism development training held with Trinamool journalist members. By attending this training, I learned about 5w and 1H, while writing a news report it is very important to note these 5- W's and 1- H's and include them in the report. I am now more confident to write reports. By participating in this training, I now know about child journalism. Along with this, I learned more about the importance of education. The impact of three-days long training is more to me. I have made myself more motivated by participating in this training and I will try to share these learning points with all the children of the Child Journalist Team in the coming days. The training learning will be also very helpful in my studies", said by Sai Sainu Marma (16)