The Child Rights Advocacy Coalition Bangladesh (CRAC, B) orchestrated a Mock Universal Periodic Review (UPR) for children on February 28, 2024, at the CIRDAP International Conference Centre in Dhaka. The primary goal was to enlighten children about the recommendations received during the 4th Cycle of Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on child rights, conducted in November 2023. Out of the 300 recommendations received by the Government of Bangladesh, approximately 90 were related to children. The event aimed to reaffirm the necessity for the government to accept and implement these recommendations, solicit the children's perspectives on these recommendations, adaptation and implementation plans, and ensure their effective participation in relevant stages of UPR follow-up processes.

In attendance were representatives from various governmental and non-governmental organizations, electronic and print media, along with 75 children from CRAC.B member organizations as observers. Additionally, 26 children served as representatives from different countries, the foreign ministry, and OHCHR (UN Human Rights Office). Their participation not only inspired other children but also provided valuable guidance to the coalition for future advocacy initiatives.

Within the group of 26 children, three-Shopna (16), Yeasin (16), and Mohona (15) from Mirpur (LRP 49), took part in the Mock UPR, representing the countries of Turkmenistan, Slovenia, and Barbados. They dedicated two days to rehearsal before the final event, gaining insights into the UPR process, understanding the significance of monitoring Child Rights, and recognizing their own importance as children.

Expressing joy, Shopna shared, “Participating in the Mock UPR was not only enjoyable but also enlightening about the UPR (Universal Periodic Review). As members representing different countries, it felt like we were sitting in Geneva, sharing our thoughts and providing recommendations for the development of Child Rights in our country. I felt a sense of significance. I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to participate in the UPR at Geneva and represent my country, Bangladesh.”