Like every year, this time too, Children of Sunamganj celebrated Child Rights week through different activities. After last devastating flood, children became more aware of the issues that affect their life more. They planned to celebrate Child Rights Week in a way through which they can create awareness on the issues they feel they should.

As global warming is a crucial issue now-a-days, children planned to plant 80 trees of Blackberry, Olive & Neem. As this is a flood-prone area and Olive & Blackberry are such types of plants that are not damaged by water, children selected these 2 plants. Along with that, as Neem is very useful as it sterilizes the air, so they select Neem to plant. They planted 80 trees in different schools & home yards which also helped to create awareness on tree plantation among community people.

Along with that, as the rate of Child labor (Stone Lifting) is increasing at Sunamganj, children of cultural group (who received training on Child Leadership & Cultural Movement in August 2022), developed a drama script on the adverse effects of child labor, especially stone lifting work and staged the drama in different child labor-prone areas during Child Rights Week which reached around 2000 community people including children.

One of the performers, Tamanna (15-year-old) said, “We tried to aware others of the alarming issue of our community. Children are engaging themselves in stone lifting work. After flood, the rate has been increased. It is really alarming as they are dropping out from school. To keep this in mind, we, the cultural team planned to aware others through a street drama, and we did it during Child Rights Week. People from different areas enjoyed the drama, someone even cried. I hope this would be helpful to stop child labor at our community.”

Along with the above-mentioned activities, children also participated in drawing competition, rally, essay writing competition, discussion session, debate competition during Child Rights week. Moreover, ActionAid Bangladesh distributed notebooks containing awareness messages on child marriage and drowning in water among 1063 children.