As a means of child protection and bringing out the slum children from the adverse condition, ActionAid Bangladesh conducted five days of drawing training in LRP 49 community in Mirpur. A total of 104 children, of which boys 38 and girls 66 between the age of 6-14, received this training from a trainer from the faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University.

In this training, the trainer guided children on contemporary art, but their learning was divided into basic of drawing on the first day and uses of color on the second. According to the trainer, this teaching can help children grow up with a decent lifestyle. Through this training, children’s minds will be occupied with positive and creative things that will keep them away from being misguided and wrong activities However, some children shared their feelings right after finishing the drawing training.

Ashamoni (8) said, “I have learned how to start drawing and what should be the focus. Previously I used to try to draw seeing the drawing book, but my drawing had no start or end. I have learned different shapes, using that one can easily make a whole drawing.

Lamia (11) from another group has said she has learned to make differentiate by drawing. For example, the season of summer, winter, spring, and autumn. She likes to art scenery but a new thing she learned is that there are some small lines and color uses that can distinguish the sky from the soil.

There are many more children like Ashamoni and Lamia, and all expressed satisfaction and excitement regarding the drawing training where each of them participated two days of the drawing. They are confident to take part in drawing competitions because they think will no longer copy any scene rather, they will visualize and use their knowledge of shaping and painting. However, these children were selected based on their interest in drawing, but after completion of this training, many parents showed their willingness to send their children in this kind of training.