In a groundbreaking collaboration, ActionAid Bangladesh and Edotco Group have joined to bring sustainable energy solutions to remote and underprivileged communities across Bangladesh, marking a significant walk towards advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This innovative initiative aims to address pressing issues such as lack of electricity and limited educational opportunities, particularly affecting marginalized children in these regions.

The partnership between ActionAid Bangladesh and Edotco Group seeks to establish a reliable and environmentally sustainable electricity supply in areas where ActionAid Bangladesh works. Through the deployment of solar panels, the project aims to enhance the well-being of marginalized communities, with a special focus on children's education and development. Collaboratively, 50 solar panels have been installed in Child Spaces, ensuring a consistent power supply for educational activities. More than 7,000 children now have access to safe and well-lit spaces for studying, engaging in extracurricular activities, and accessing digital resources, significantly enhancing their learning experiences. During a recent visit to one of the project sites in Kallyanpur, the Edotco Bangladesh team, accompanied by the Country Director of ActionAid Bangladesh, inaugurated a newly equipped Child Space powered by solar energy. The enthusiasm and gratitude expressed by the children highlighted the deep impact of this initiative on their lives.

Riya, a 13-year-old child from Ghoraghat, shared her transformative experience, expressing joy over the newfound access to electricity in her community's Child Space. With solar-powered fans and lights, Riya and her peers can now study comfortably, even during hot summer months and rainy seasons, enhancing their educational journey and overall well-being. Moreover, understanding the operation of solar panels has instilled a sense of pride and environmental responsibility among the children, contributing to a more sustainable future. 

Riya Added “Learning about the solar panel and understanding its operation has greatly increased our happiness. This is because we now realize that we are using energy efficiently, and the system is designed to take power from the sun automatically. This knowledge fills us with pride as we recognize how our actions contribute positively to the environment by minimizing energy wastage.”

The partnership between ActionAid Bangladesh and Edotco Group illustrates the transformative potential of public-private partnerships in driving sustainable development. By illuminating the lives of marginalized children through access to clean energy and enhanced educational opportunities, this initiative not only addresses immediate needs but also promotes long-term empowerment within communities. As a beacon of hope and progress, the project shows the importance of collective action in building a brighter and more equitable future for all.