A free medical health camp was organized at Khilgaon Nandipara camp area by ActionAid Bangladesh with collaboration of Local partner. Apart from free medical consultation, medical diagnostic support, needy patients from camp areas were also provided with free of cost medicines and free medical tests.

Women of this camp area, along with different issues, suffer from their reproductive health complications, living in a crammed and filthy environment, but do not have access to healthcare. For the community it was first time they availed health support within their own locality. It was a two-day long health camp where around 400 community people including 163 children received medical support.

Held from 9am to 2pm, the event offered free healthcare services including specialist doctor consultation and blood sugar Body Mass Index (BMI)checkups. A team of specialist doctors, consultants, and volunteers conducted free consultations and checkups during the health camp. Moreover, some medicines, CBC these services were offered completely free of charges. A health care organization ‘Amar lab’ was present there and supported with the medical tests and they provided up to 60% discount during the health camp.

Families and people of all age groups attended the camp where most of the patients were women and children. One of the community women Mukti Begum(35) at the camp said that she found the event very helpful. Following initial diagnosis, she got required medicine with test reports. She expressed his gratitude for the free medicines, diagnostic tests he had availed at the camp. “It is commendable that at the community we getting free treatment from the specialist DRs and in spite of huge patient DRs are treating us with patience,” she added.

Due to heavy demand of the first day health camp, ActionAid and all the other partners of the camp organized health camp for another day within a week. Both the health camp was for the same community held on 22nd February and 7th March 2023. A total number of around 400 community people including men, Women and children received the free treatment, medicine and diagnosis support without any cost during the health camp.

The aim of the health camp was to bring awareness amongst the deprived population of the community who have no access to basic healthcare services or knowledge about the diseases they are suffering from. Through these camps ActionAid started a primary step to aware the community people regarding their own health issues.