On the date of on May 30, 2023, ActionAid Bangladesh and its partner organization promote ecological balance and climate sustainability in Thanchi's hilly area by distributing spice tree saplings to empower 68 children and young women for a greener future. Planting these saplings restores biodiversity, balances ecosystems, and educates the community about the importance of planting.

The roots of spice tree saplings will act as natural anchors, protecting Thanchi's hilly areas from soil erosion and ensuring the stability of agricultural land. Through this process, we hope it will reduce the risk of erosion-induced disasters and promote sustainable farming practices. Spice tree saplings and their nurturing will absorb carbon dioxide, enhancing the local carbon sink capacity. The collective effort of 68 children and their families improves air quality and mitigates the adverse effects of the climate crisis at a local level.

Our goal is to empower the community, especially children, by instilling environmental responsibility and ownership. Each family becomes a steward of their saplings, nurturing a deep connection with nature and fostering environmental preservation. We encourage community collaboration, strengthen bonds, and create a shared sense of purpose.

Although it’s a small-scale initiative, we believe that this initiative is a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable future, and will be demonstrating the power of collective action for future generations.