Breaking the silence of social taboo, young girls and boys of Chanpara Community observed the International menstrual hygiene day 2019 with several activities to spread awareness among the people.

Dr. Shafiur Rahman, Department Head of Occupational and Environment Health, NIPSOM, addressed the inaugural session as the Chief Guest and launched Menstrual Hygiene kit prepared with the support of ActionAid Bangladesh.

In the programme, with the participation of the community people, the speakers discussed the need of hygiene, nutritious food during menstruation. Women and girls were also urged to discuss their problems with their parents and close ones openly and visit to health care centre during this time if needed.

Menstrual hygiene is an important part of women’s sexual and reproductive health. While lack of awareness and knowledge on maintaining menstrual hygiene poses serious risk to women’s health, till now there remains taboos surrounding menstruation which includes food, mobility, and other restrictions.  And to break the silence, the young members of Chanpara youth club brought out colorful festoons, paintings carrying meaningful messages regarding menstruation. Later, the observation concluded with a rally.