ActionAid Bangladesh's project, "Play, Learn & Grow” is Transforming Lives of Children Through Enriched Child Spaces, supported by ActionAid Italy, marks a significant milestone as it completes a successful 12 months of implementation. This initiative, covering 9 districts of Bangladesh, aims to provide marginalized children with enhanced educational opportunities, holistic development, and a supporting environment contributing to their overall well-being. Since this project’s initiation in January 2023, the project has made significant progress across various fronts. Currently operating in 11 Local Rights Programs (LRPs), ActionAid Bangladesh runs 82 Child Spaces as part of the Child Sponsorship program. These Child Spaces serve as essential hubs for educational, recreational, and developmental activities for children from marginalized communities.

One of the primary focuses of this project has been the renovation and enhancement of child spaces in 9 districts. By December 2023, 40 such spaces have been renovated and equipped with educational materials, including musical instruments, books, science kits, and interactive play items. Additionally, essential electrical equipment such as fans, lights, and digital projection materials have been installed, further enriching the learning environment. In 3 Local Rights Programs (LRPs), children had the opportunity to learn music with the assistance of a professional music instructor, as a part of the "Play, Learn & Grow" project initiatives.

In marginalized communities, children face numerous challenges, including limited access to education and recreational spaces. Through the establishment of child spaces and educational programs, ActionAid Bangladesh has provided hundreds of children with opportunities to learn, play, and pursue their passions, such as drawing, music, etc. Moreover, recognizing the importance of skilled facilitators in maximizing the benefits of educational resources, ActionAid Bangladesh organized capacity-building training for child space facilitators. This training, conducted in collaboration with the BRAC Institute of Educational Development, equipped facilitators with innovative techniques for interactive, play-based learning. The integration of digital resources and the enthusiastic response from children highlight the effectiveness of these initiatives in promoting engaging educational experiences. 

Notably in remote regions like Thanchi, where educational infrastructure is limited, ActionAid Bangladesh's intervention has been transformative. Through the reconstruction of child spaces, children in Thanchi now have access to safe, comfortable learning environments. The revitalized child spaces not only facilitate education but also serve as community hubs, promoting a sense of belonging and mutual support.

ActionAid Bangladesh's "Play, Learn & Grow" initiative shows the organization's commitment to empowering marginalized children and communities across Bangladesh. Through strategic interventions, including infrastructure development, capacity building, and tailored educational programs, the project is making tangible improvements toward creating a more inclusive and equitable society. As it enters its next phase, the initiative is prepared to continue transforming lives and encouraging the potential of Bangladesh's future generations.