On this May 2019, for the second time, ActionAid Bangladesh organized ‘Share to Care’, an event to raise fund for our Happy Home girls as well as strengthening bonding with our supporters and spread the goodwill of the initiative.

Through this event on 25 May 2019 at the Six Seasons Hotel, we reached out our supporters who have been generously contributing to raise the stars and leaders of tomorrow living at Happy Home.

Enthusiastic participation of the supporters and lively smiles of Happy Home girls brightened up the entire event. The programme included an exciting auction, quiz show as well as having painting and handcraft corners.

Happy Home, an initiative of ActionAid Bangladesh to ensure safe, secured and healthy living conditions for the girls so that they can leave the uncertain and threatening prospect of living on the streets. These girls, blessed with talents and good spirit, also receive mainstream education and vocational skill development training here so that they can choose a potential career later.