ActionAid Bangladesh, with the support of partner organizations, launched the LEADR Project (Liberation and Empowerment: Attaining Dignity and Rights for Sex Workers and their Children in Bangladesh) in December 2011. This project has been funded by AECID (Agencia EspaƱola de CooperaciĆ³n y Desarrollo) and its core goal is to promote the rights of this segment of society in order to improve their wellbeing and prevent human trafficking.

            As part of the project and in collaboration with Shapla Mohila Sangshta, a Child Development Centre is currently under construction in Faridpur. The Centre will provide a safe and secure living place to at least 100 children from Faridpur brothels.
            The present book aims to raise awareness about the living conditions faced by children growing up in brothels and to highlight the advantages of placing them in Child Development Centre.