An Art and Craft training was organized by ActionAid Bangladesh to provide limitless opportunities for the creative minds of Happy Home girls’.

Afia Abbas, a final year student from Dhaka University Fine Art department was the main trainer of this training. The number of participants was considerable as students from every class were actively involved there. It was a 5-day long training that took place from 21st July to 25th July and total of 44 girls’ actively participated the day long sessions. The main objective of this training was to enhance the cognitive development of the children by creative learning also to  cherish and value the local art form and cultural tradition, learning about recycling with different reusable materials. All the participants had taken part with great passion and vigor to learn skills, gain insights and experience to help them grow and excel in their lives.

“I love to play with colors in my drawing book, from the training I learned how amazingly we can mix different colors to invent a totally new color with some simple steps! By attending this training we also learnt about sustainable environments and how waste can be used to create something useful.” Stated Nandiba(13) a participant of Art and Craft Training who is a student of class six and stays at Happy Home.

From making jewelry, dolls, flowers to applique embroidery on fabrics and making own designs on cups and ceramics; from pencil shading, stitching and embroidery to Origami and block designing, this training was filled with energy and passion.

The trainer who is a student Fine Art department of Dhaka University shared, “Girls were really enthusiastic to learn about new things, their active participation makes my five-day training a colorful creative world. This not only gave hands-on experience to the girls’ to go beyond their horizons to explore and to create something new but also I learned so many new things from them”