ActionAid Bangladesh helps promote social cohesion for young people. AAIB seeks to co- convene, facilitate and co-creator with local struggles and connect with progressive social movements, young people themselves and their movements. With increased emphasis on addressing the need and demands of young people supported by the 7th Five Year plan and Sustainable Development Goals, we will seek to address the causes of unemployment amongst young people and support their transitions through securing decent work.With increased rise in fundamentalism, we seek to promote social cohesion and inclusion of the poor and excluded young women and men and minorities.
Core Areas Include:

  • Strengthened agency of young people, their networks and partners that promotes social cohesion
  • Young people, especially young women and minorities are represented and have opportunities for leadership
  • Access to quality skills development and sustainable income through opportunities for decent work, sustainable employment and resilient livelihoods


Women and young people represent most of the population of Bangladesh as the country is experiencing a demographic divide. AAIB believes that these young people are important innovators and drivers of change.Unfortunately they experience high levels of unemployment and marginalisation. Therefore we wish to continue to invest in children and support their growth, skills and knowledge so they can become contributing citizens of the country. Creating additional governance responsibility of ensuring democratic and accountable practices, the AAIB is committed to engage the excluded and marginalised communities across all programs. According to CSP V, in the fifth phase AAIB will continue working with the frontline victim communities and institutions at all levels to fight the impacts of disasters and in partnership with women and young people.

Global Platform

Global Platforms (GPs) is a network of ActionAid’s for youth-led activism which started their journey in Bangladesh in 2015. We provide innovative training and capacity development for young people to lead social, political and economic change around the world. The Global Platform Bangladesh links up with a network of organisations, and connects our youth activists with these networks to enable them to have direct contact with policy specialists and government officials.

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Programmatic interventions of AAB engage young people, living in exclusion, particularly with young women and marginalized groups that are excluded based on their identity and locality. And all these engagements are meant to create spaces for young people to convene, facilitate and co-create with the local struggles and connect with progressive social movements, at local, national, regional and international levels.

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There have never been so many young people alive at once at any other point in history. This massive number means that youth is now the main driver of national, social and economic change.

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Our Reach

196 Young People Achieving Self-Employments

545 Young People in Leadership Position

1704 Capacity Building Support

26 Youth Led Organisations Received Support

4930 Young People Participated “Youth Hub”



ActionAid Bangladesh undertakes to engage children in leadership through cultural movements to bring positive change in society

“I was always afraid of talking in front of everyone. Now I can talk, share my feelings with others. I also had no idea that cultural affairs can bring positive changes to society. But it can! It was great to know about leadership & cultural movement. We, the participants of the training are ready to aware our community of different issues through cultural activities. We will also share our learning with the other child forum members as we have to make many small groups to create awareness. We will change our community, through cultural movement. Thanks a lot, to ActionAid Bangladesh for the support”, uttered a 17-year-old girl, Barsha who was one of the participants of ‘Child Leadership & Cultural Movement’.
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Daylong health camp in remote coastal areas in Kalapara has contributed to the health and well-being of children and their families

The objective of this health camp was to raise awareness amongst the deprived and underprivileged people living in the coastal areas.
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Children are sharpening their inquisitive minds and becoming proficient in debates

ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) has organized a debate training to make children proficient in debate and sharpen their inquisitive minds.
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6th International Water Conference 2021

ActionAid Bangladesh is going to organise the 6th International Water Conference under the theme of ‘Water, Climate and Justice in the Wake of COVID-19 Pandemic’’ from 27 to 29 January 2021. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, we are going to organise the conference through virtual platform this year.
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On my trip to Sunamganj in April, I met 32-year-old Nazma Khatun who spoke to me about her woes: “All of our cultivated paddies have gone under water. Our livelihood, children’s education, food, treatment, and shelter are under threat as we depend on the paddy. We took Tk30,000 as a loan from a Local NGO to cultivate. I don’t know how I will return the loan.”
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The Young Feminist Network seeks to bring together young individuals into a platform to promote the freedoms of young women and increase the country’s feminist movement. Objective of the network or alliance : Bring young people together into a platform what would advance young women’s rights and scale up the feminist movement in the country. Currently, 10 youth organization are connected with Young Feminist Network.
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The “Leave no one behind” network is supported and coordinated by the ICSO (International Civil Society Organizations); a consortium of 12 partners working to enhance many of these marginalized communities with outstanding outreach and experience reaching them all over the world.
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Become an Activista

Objectives of becoming an Activista

  • Advancement of full, productive and decent work for young women and men
  • Increased acess to quality youth and gender responsive public services
  • Increased youth participation and expanded democratic spaces at all levels of decision making