Jahedul is a 15 year old boy from Nilphamari studying in a local secondary school. He is passionate about drawing and wants to support children in Child Space to learn drawing. The financial capability of his family was inadequate to support for additional tuition on top of academic study. Neither of his parents was educated enough to help him with studies.

 "I am passionate in drawing pictures. So I can support children in child spaces to learn how to draw pictures."

- Jahedul, a grade 10 student enrolled in Child Space of ActionAid Bangladesh.

ActionAid through its initiative Child Space gave him the support he needed. Child Space provides children with coaching support as well as extracurricular activities. With the help of Child Space, Jahedul scored an ‘A’ grade in Junior School Certificate Examination and also joined the Community Journalist Group (CJG), which inspired him to become a journalist in the future. Currently, there are 578 children like Jahedul involved in Child Spaces.