Unueshayang (17) thought her dreams got shattered when she could not sit for the secondary school certificate (SSC) examination in 2021 due to not having the preparation. Lack of guidance is the most common challenge that children living in hill tracts mostly suffer in completing education. Unueshayang’s father tried to give her daughter the best opportunity but could not arrange tuition for her. After knowing this, ActionAid extended mentoring support for Unueshayang and she finally appeared in the SSC exam 2022 where she successfully passed the examination.

Unueshayang is the elder daughter of her parents who live in Thanchi. Her father is a Jhum farmer who struggles to manage the education costs for his two daughters. The additional arrangement for Unueshayang’s tuition was beyond her father’s capability so ActionAid Bangladesh gave her support. Along with her own determination to complete her education, ActionAid's facilitation of mentoring support gave her confidence and enable her to achieve this success. She passed with a grade point average of 2.73 which motivates her to continue her study further.

There were 4 SSC candidate children who are involved with ActionAid’s program in the Thanchi area of Bandarban who have successfully passed the exam.