Dear Flood,

You have made me very lonely. All my friends have migrated to the cities after you came last year and destroyed their lives. I do not enjoy playing or going to school. I am asking you not to come back again and make others lonely like me. -Ainul

Heartless Drought,

You have broken my dreams. My father does not smile anymore after bringing the harvest from the field. I really wished we could celebrate the “Nobanno” festival wholeheartedly. But you have crushed that hope as well. You stopped the rice cultivation by stopping rainfall during the monsoon season. Even during the seed sowing period, you have been unkind. You are heartless. Will you not be merciful towards us?



These letters are written by members of ‘Child Journalist Groups (CJG)’ and ‘Shishu Bikash Kendra (Child Development Centre) in the local rights program of ActionAid. When the children were asked to express how they feel about the occurrence of frequent and intensified disasters, they left those powerful messages for the world through writing letters to hazards.

Thanks to these child activists and journalists,  the letters have captured the unsaid feelings and have reached more than ten thousand people on social media. Besides bringing forth the feelings and thoughts of the children, who are suffering silently from the brunt of climate change.

This initiative is paving the way for better implementation of policies and sustainable and effective interventions against the risks posed by the disasters.