Ali Ahammad, 75, used to live from Gouzamil area in Myanmar with his family. The Myanmar Military tortured them in many ways and torched their houses. When it became impossible to live in that situation, he escaped to Bangladesh after much struggle. They took shelter in Balikhali camp in Cox’s Bazar since 17 September 2017 where they built a house in Block B-4 on the top of a hill and there is no road.  

Being a man of his age, he faced many difficulties and struggled a great deal to move around. He could not even go to the mosque for prayer and even wounded himself up falling a couple of times. When he came to Action Aid Site Management office for help, our team went there and made a pathway and stairs with sandbag for them. Action Aid is currently working for site development and in the hilly area. Ali Ahammed is one of the many who have been benefited from our work and now can move inside the camp with ease.