Amena Khatun, 54, is one of the many women in Balukhali camp who fled from Myanmar.  She has been living in the camp since 7 September 2017. In the beginning, Amena faced a serious water crisis in the camp as there was no source of water in their camp. She had to collect water from another block for drinking and other daily needs, which was far away from her block.

Amena Khatun

She did not get any help from any organization who work to solve the water problem of the camp, until one day her son came to ActionAid Information Hub and informed about their sufferings.

They received immediate assistance from our staff members who helped them to find out the authorities responsible for providing tube well in the camp and finally getting the tube well set up in their block. Hundreds of women and families like Amena were suffering due to the struggle to attain water every day. Basic survival needs like bath and toilet were big trouble for them. Now they do not have to suffer from water anymore.