I hope I will utilize the knowledge received from training on journalism and will contribute in community development through my writing - Ashesh Chakma from Thanchi.

Ashesh Chakma is 16 years old. He reads in class 10. He loves to draw pictures and play different games. But in leisure time he enjoys writing most. Usually he loves writing poems. 

In 2010 ActionAid formed the community Journalist Group (This group consists of 17 members like community children, teachers, local journalist, and staffs of partner organizations etc. This group prepares features on the problems, achievements and prospects of the children, women & the marginalized and organizes for publication twice in a year in local and national news media) in Thanchi. To me it was really great to be engaged with such group as writing is one of my favorite time passes. Besides, I have the dream to do something better for my community. Our hilly area has been moving with many problems like geographical diversity, natural disaster, lack of Government services, food scarcity etc. Besides, we have achievements and prospects as well. So, I feel we should share all these things with our community where Community Journalist Group can play the vital role. 

ActionAid has been supporting CJG in Thanchi enabling them through capacity building training since 2012. In its continuation Ashesh Chakma received two-day long training on Journalism with the support of Thanchi Press Club in 2016. I am news editor of our CJG. Training on Journalism enhances my knowledge in various ways. Now I know how to write news, capture photographs, collect information etc. Other 16 members also joined the training and we hope this training will be equally helpful for all of us. I thank ActionAid for running our Community Journalist Group and supporting us to participate in community development.